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    Planet's Pride Women Awards - 2018

    Recipient of PLANET’S PRIDE WOMEN Awards 2018, For INNOVATIVE STARTUP, at Pan India level among 700 Women Entrepreneurs.

  • 2

    Biggest mothers day event with 300+ attendees

    Celebrated Hyderabad's biggest Mother's day Event with more than 300+ attendees and 25+ celebrities from every field.

  • 3

    Chief guest at IT Companies

    Chief Guest for Women's day at different IT Company and few communities.

  • 4

    Chief guest at SUNO app inaugration

    Inaugurated Mother and Baby related products like SUNO app as a Chief Guest.

  • 5

    Media & Articles

    To create awareness for Mother's related issues and queries have done the following so far:

    • TV shows – 5
    • Radio shows – 5
    • Video bytes - 4
    • Articles written – 25+
      (Newspapers, National Parenting Sites as an Expert for Mompresso and KidsEngage)
    • Motivational Quotes/ Baby Facts for Mothers.
    • Workshops – 53+
    • Media Coverage for most Events and Workshops covered.
  • 6

    Doctors Awards ceremony

    Hosting 6th Doctors Awards ceremony first time in History as a Co-Doctor.

  • 7

    Training program through Mathrusakhi Foundation

    Selected for Training program through Mathrusakhi Foundation as a Social Entrepreneur among 50 other NGO in Telangana and AP.

  • 8

    Helped 1500 Mothers

    So far could help more than 1500 Mothers with this organisation.

  • 9

    Green Period Campaign

    Promoting “GREEN PERIOD CAMPAIGN”, educating Sustainable Menstrual hygiene management.

  • 10

    MUMz HUB Multi-Speciality Consultancy

    MUMz HUB Multi-Speciality Consultancy” with 10+ Counsellors of varied Expertise and experience.

  • 11


    Nominated for SHEINSPIRES AWARDS 2109.

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