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Frequently Asked Questions

This is a platform for new mothers, an opportunity to come out of house and meet other mothers who seem to sail in the same boat as you with their little bundle of joys and lot of uncertainties around their baby’s growth and health.

Each session lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours, weekly once. Each session will have a topic of discussion, after babies are settled. Followed by activities with babies including singing rhymes, play time, end of each session you will have a memorabilia with your child to take away home. Not to mention snacks with home baked goodies.

You have an excellent opportunity to make friends for life for yourself and the kids as well.

The New Mumz Hub is conveniently located in Kondapur near Hi-tech city, Hyderabad.

The new mumz hub is for mothers and babies together. The sessions provide an enhanced bonding experience for mothers with babies with my expert guidance in bonding, besides sharing your concerns with other mothers and exchanging your views.

The sessions are for about 2 hours once a week, spanning for six months. This period is ideal for enhanced bonding and creating friends for life.

The sessions are for mothers with infants up to 12 months age. That should not deter mothers with second baby who want to come out of house to socialize and meet your peers.

Interested groups can contact me to schedule a session at a place of convenience.

I feel honored to inform that I am in expert panel at and write articles on mother and baby which are appreciated widely.

My expertise in this field would guide you sail through the post natal period and make every moment with your baby a memorable one to cherish every opportunity.

Yes. We have panel of experts help like lactation consultant, nutritionist , pediatrician , gynecologist, Dentist (pedodontist), Surgical Gastroenterologist, General Physician. Consultations can be arranged on appointment basis.

There would be a special day where you can get your husband or mother . But the weekly sessions is exclusively for mom and baby.

Not necessary. We have age related toys here but if you think there is any particular toy your baby is attached to then do get it, will help to calm them.

Our Values

We believe that every family situation is different and so is parenting. Hence we specialise in providing the Overall wellbeing for Mothers. Customised and designed according to your needs.

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We’re happy to answer your queries or share information about us and our services.