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Our Workshops

For larger groups we conduct regular workshops. Topic based workshops to create awareness and spread the joy of motherhood.

With the overwhelming response, we have expanded our horizon to facilitate every issue related to a motherhood including Selfcare, Healthcare, Emotional care and overall Well-being of a Mother. This being a very sensitive and unexplored field where mothers didn’t know whom to approach and where to get advice. This motivated us to enter this enchanted territory and be that helping hand needed for mothers to introspect and provide confidentiality at the same time.

Workshop Details

Workshop name Attendees
Mumz Workshop Young Mom's to Grandmoms
Parenting Quarters New parents to teenage parents
360 Women Women of all ages
Emotional Care Communites, MNC
Women rights and Laws Rural Development around 18 villages so far
Green Period Women of all ages
Self Care Women of all ages
Teenage Wonder - Emotions, Social Ettique teenagers and their Parents
Menstrual Hygiene Practices Preeteen & teen Girls and Women
Breastfeeding Awareness Week talk Pregnant and New Parents
Women Health Talk Women
PCOS Awareness Talk Teen Girls and Women
Memorable first Year Pregnant and New Parents
The 3 S Everyone

Workshops conducted

Workshop at Vikas Model School

Had a very interesting Half day workshop where I could connect to Teenagers and their Parents...

SOS children village, Hyderabad

Started out with Educating around 80 Women from 6 villages about Women Empowerment their entitlements and Women rights and Law's.

Awareness talk for Mother Self-care

There is so much to learn and so many opportunities everywhere you go and everything u do. Although conducted the session for mostly Grandmother's, it was more of a learning for us.

Our Values

We believe that every family situation is different and so is parenting. Hence we specialise in providing the Overall wellbeing for Mothers. Customised and designed according to your needs.

Connect with us

We’re happy to answer your queries or share information about us and our services.